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Fill Up Your Bags

You’ve heard it before and if you fly a large commercial airliner in the future, you’ll likely hear it again. You may take one carry-on bag and one personal item on the plane with you. You may further check one bag at the counter, and the bag had better not exceed the airline’s weight limit. If it does, or if you have more bags you’re planning to take on your long, well-needed vacation, you’d better get out your wallet. These days you can pay well over $50.00 for simply taking a bag with you that’s a couple pounds over the weight limit, or for even just having a suitcase that is considered to be too big. Can’t fit it all in two suitcases? One popular airline charges between $75.00 and $200.00 for a third bag. It’s simply senseless to pay these fees when you could spend your money on yourself or your family, instead.

When you fly with Pacific Luxury Air, we won’t charge you for your suitcase being two pounds over the weight limit. We are not worried about your suitcase not fitting into rigid parameters of measurement. We encourage you to take more than one carry-on bag and more than one personal item. In fact, our main concern is ensuring that you’re comfortable and happy. You have a lot of things to think about with your upcoming trip. Why not let us take your bags, heavy or not, and focus on you? You can be assured that your bags will arrive safely and that you’ll always be our number one priority at Pacific Luxury Air.

May We Take Your Bags?

Forget about the headache that comes with having to stand in a long line only to be told that you have to pay $75.00 dollars extra because your bag is a mere five pounds over the weight limit. Why not skip the line and hand your bags over to us? We aren’t worried about your luggage being a little on the heavier side, because we know that in order for you to have a comfortable journey, you may need to bring some important extras.

Spend your time figuring out how you’re going to land that next big account, or on how you’re going to be spending your dream vacation. Forget the long lines, and let us deliver your bags once you arrive. Leave the dreaming up to you and the worry up to us every time you fly Pacific Luxury Air.