(808) 664-1145 / (702) 688-5572

NO set hours, NO peak time, NO blackout days, NO shared seating, NO management fee, NO reposition fee

Term –  unlimited

Allotted Hours – unlimited

2 Hour Min – per segment

Notice – 5 hours

Billed Separately: : Overnight, Parking, Wi-Fi
Catering, Crew HOTAC/Travel, Stewardess, De-icing

“Why try to fit in, when you want to stand out.”

With the company’s name reflecting our business model, we envision it to be developed into being “the” business jet provider, we believe, we will be a contender in this business jet industry. Pacific Luxury Air is wanting to be your alternative:

Jet Card – Currently there are many Jet Card providers out there but they all seam to comply with high hourly rates.

Flight Department – We will operate in a manner as if you have your own flight department but without all the headaches, efforts, money and time it takes to have one. Sincerely speaking, it will take away from your first motivation, your business. After all, with your business flourishing, this is why a flight department for your company was considered.

On the next page you will see what the various vendors are currently offering and then compare why we, at Pacific Luxury Air could be your alternative source and business jet provider.

Business Model – we will use well maintained multiple Gulfstream IV model and series, so each with a different tail number. This way we can keep planes moving to service all our customers across the US. The aircrafts will look the same both inside and out. From cabin layout to materials, even to snacks and controls, so you, the customer will feel as if its your own, no matter which tail number you fly on.

How It Works – Instead of operating a fixed fleet of aircraft in and out of a particular home base (hub and spoke like airlines), a floating fleet allow aircraft to roam and rest in various regions in the US. Floating fleets keep planes moving, from city to city and customer to customer.

At Pacific Luxury Air, we are not wanting to be labeled as a charter operator but as “your” corporate flight department or Jet Card alternative. We want to bring a fresh new approach in general aviation, like our motto says “Why try to fit in, when you want to stand out.” and in doing so, we can offer you the following:

  • ARG/US rated
  • Consistent customer-service
  • Scheduler available 365 days per year
  • Flexibility, Convenience and Reliability
  • Same hourly rate in the US
  • Well maintained GIV
  • Worldwide Ops
  • A turn-key solution
  • NO management fee
  • NO set hours
  • NO reposition cost
  • NO peak time
  • NO blackout days
  • NO shared seating

With Pacific Luxury Air and our business model, you, the customer, will not have to rush as time and money will not be ticking. We want to earn your business and confidence to prove we can be your business jet alternative provider. We believe we have an easy turn-key solution for your corporate flight needs.