(808) 664-1145 / (702) 688-5572

NO set hours, NO brokered aircraft, NO peak time, NO blackout days, NO shared seating, NO management fee, NO reposition fee

Program Details

Rate per hour – $6,988 (Crew, Ins, Maint, Aircraft, Fuel $3.00gln, FET)

Hours allotted – unlimited.

Term – 1 year

One time Cost – $355,000 (refundable at end of term)

Notice – 5 hours

Not Included, Billed Separately :

Fuel over $3.00gln, Airport fees, Landing fees, Catering, Overnight, Parking, Crew HOTAC and Travel, Stewardess.

With our business platform of using the GIV, all will be the same model, but likely a different tail number. All the aircraft will look the same both inside and out. The cabin layouts and materials, and all the rest are similar from one plane to the next. From snacks to controls, they will be always in he same spot, so the client will feel at home no matter which tail number they fly on. And lastly, the aircraft’s, they will be in our possession not brokered