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Questions and Answers that a potential customer may have:

  • What jet cards are offered?


  • Shared seating?


  • Which aircraft are applicable for the program?

    Gulfstream IV

  • Number of aircraft in program?


  • What are the denominations of the program?

    By the Hour

  • What’s the hourly rate and is Federal Excise Tax (FET) included?

    $8,600 / Yes

  • Any upfront cost?

    A onetime cost of $75,000

  • Term?


  • Do hours expire?

    Never, Unlimited hours

  • Where is the service area of the program for your contracted rate?

    Across the US

  • What’s the maximum seating for aircraft?

    14 seats

  • How aircraft sourced and what are the standards?

    Maintenance a top priority

  • Does the program use safety-rating agencies?

    ARG/US and Wyvern

  • How much liability and risk insurance is provided?


  • Are there any membership fees or monthly dues?


  • Is there a CPI escalator that will raise your rate?


  • Is de-icing included?


  • What’s the charge for taxi time?


  • What is the minimum flying time per segment per day?

    2 flight hours

  • Are there roundtrip discounts?


  • How many peak days are there?

    No peak day restrictions

  • What’s the lead-time for reservations?

    5 hours

  • What’s the cancellation deadline?

    2 hours before departure

  • What catering is included?

    Basic snacks and drinks unless requested

  • Wi-Fi?

    Satellite Wi-Fi only at $10.25 per megabyte

  • Is a fully enclosed lavatory guaranteed?


  • Are pets allowed?


  • What’s the minimum age for unaccompanied minors?

    18 years old

  • Is there 24/7/365 customer support?


  • Any documentation to be signed?

    Yes, 2 page: Understanding Of Usage